My passion is solving problems and converting business needs into web based applications. I have been building web sites since 1995. I have worked with ASP, ColdFusion, Flex, MS SQL and now mySQL, PHP and Drupal.


I wrote my first line of code in 1978 when I was eight. I am sure is was something like "10 print 'Hello world!'; 20 goto 10". My brother and I would get gaming magazines and take turns entering the lines of code so we could play a game. Most of the time we would have to debug a typo or mis-print, there are times I miss that box of 5 1/4 discs.

Seventeen years later in 1995 I wrote my first line of HTML. I was interviewing for a job at a record store to manage the t-shirt sales and build an online store front, at the time my dream was to own a record store. One of the first things I did was build a query in the Access database to filter out addresses we had mailed a catalog to so we were not duplicating efforts. I also started sorting by state and zip so we did not have to hand sort for the bulk mailing rate.

In 1999 I started working with ASP, and MS SQL. By reverse engineering and optimizing the output from Drumbeat; Macromedia bought the company and merged it with Dreamweaver. I was not fond of "lowest common denominator" output of the wizard based coding so I wanted to learn how to hand code so I could produce clean code and performance tune the queries.

The year 2000 I started learning ColdFusion as I was on freelance project for a CF shop. It took me a couple of weeks to learn the structure and get my mind set on the syntax vs. ASP. I quickly took to the new language and started to focus on CF as my language of choice. ColdFusion lead me to Flex in 2006, I built a couple of apps in Flex but there was not enough opportunities coming my way to stick with it.

I read up on Fusebox when version 1.1 was released; but did not start to use it until version 2. I followed Fusebox through version 5 on to mach-ii. My experience with Fusebox lead me to Duo Consulting, in 2008 I was contracted to update legacy sites that ware built using FuseBox framework.

In 2009 when my contract was up Duo hired my on full time. About that time there was talk about working with Drupal; wanting to learn something new I asked if I could convert Duo's site from CF to Drupal. Even with Drupal's learning curve I was able to convert the site and build the theme within a couple of man-hour weeks. Within a few months Duo made the choice to become a Drupal only shop and focus on one platform.